August 15, 2006

Big Al's One-Minute Presentation...

OK, You've Got One Minute!

Just like any other industry, once you begin to understand exactly what your customers and prospects want, and what they want to know, there's little else that can hold you back from succeeding in your home based business.

So, what do your prospects want to know?

Well, with that all-important question in mind, here's some valuable advice from Tom Schreiter (a.k.a. Big Al) that'll answer just that...

What is the perfect length of your opportunity presentation?

Walk up to a prospect and say:

"I can give you a long presentation or a short
presentation. Which one would you prefer?"

Call a prospect and say:

"I can give you a long presentation or a short
presentation. Which one would you prefer?"

The answer is obvious.


Prospects are super busy with family, jobs, e-mail
and cable television. They want to know these things
right away:

1. What kind of business are you in?
2. How much money can I make?
3. What do I have to do to earn that money?

If you can answer those questions quickly, you will keep
your prospect interested. That's what I call a "One-Minute

Try putting your "One-Minute Presentation" together now
and have it ready for your next prospect. Your prospect
will love it, and you'll be building your business with ease.


  1. Big Al is a legend, but I really have to wonder if he is really building in today's one wants to be "presented" any longer.

    People want a solution for a problem, not a presentation, although 1 minute is better than 3 hours.

  2. I definitely agree that people don't necessarily like presentations. But the bottom line is that no matter what form of marketing you do, it's always a presentation in one form or another.

    It all comes down to the approach, I believe. For the most part, people don't like "presentations" because:

    1. They generally take a while. And...
    2. They generally involve some sort of sales pressure.

    But that's what the one-minute presentation elininates. For example, it starts off something like this:

    "I can give you a complete presentation, but it would take an entire minute...

    When could you set aside a whole minute?"

    In almost every case you'll find that people will listen right then and there. And this approach, for a variety of reasons, also tends to reduce sales resistence. It works because it keeps people in their comfort zone rather than turning them off.

    Plus, people aren't as naive about marketing as they used to be. They know when they're being given a presentation - so why not be upfront about it? And short? Well, that's even better.


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