August 4, 2006

Sales Taxes Take a Holiday...

Sales Taxes Take a Holiday
Shoppers Sticking it to The Man

In some states, this weekend is what's known as a "sales tax holiday." This means that shoppers get a break from paying state and local taxes on certain goods like: school supplies, clothing and footwear.

And shoppers seeking these breaks are in no short supply. For example, this year's tax holiday has seen a huge spike in Web searches for things like: "Georgia tax free weekend," "North Carolina tax free weekend," "tax free holiday" and "tax free shopping."

According to the Yahoo! Buzz Log, searches on "tax free weekend" are up 112%. Other popular searches include: "tax free shopping," "tax free items," "tax free holiday," "tax free school shopping," and "tax free days."

Yahoo! Buzz Log:

We all love to take any tiny opportunity to stick it to The Man. This weekend's brief overthrow of sales tax in select states affords proud Americans the opportunity to buy even more stuff they don't need. We kid, but we're sure sneaky shoppers will use the tax break for reasons other than the intended back-to-school supplies.

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