August 12, 2006

Rich Dad Comes Clean...

Here's a neat little video of Robert Kiyosaki, author of the well-known Rich Dad Poor Dad series, talking up the Network Marketing Industry.

It the video he admits that he used to have a "negative or close-minded attitude" toward Network Marketing, but now finds it extremely beneficial in many ways.

Here are some of the "beauties" of Network Marketing that he talks about:

Network Marketing...

  • Teaches the mental & technical skills for success
  • Teaches the ability to communicate & build businesses
  • Gives you time and educates you
  • Teaches you self-confidence

"The beauty of Network Marketing works really hand-in-hand and builds you up, teaches you how to increase your income, builds a self-confidence..."

In the video he also references his "CASHFLOW Quadrant," so just in case you're not entirely familiar with it, here's the breakdown:

E= employee, B= business owner, S= self-employed, I= investor.

Incidentally, his free Rich Dad Affiliate Program has proven to be one of the most profitable around as well. It's one of the better earners here on this blog, so I'm definitely glad I utilized it.

Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing


  1. Thanks for the info Aaron. Every little bit helps.


  2. You bet Dave! And thanks for stopping by again my friend.


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