September 20, 2007

Make Money With Yuwie - The Social Network That Pays

Hang Out. Make Friends. Get Paid!

OK, so I just joined Yuwie...and last night, no less. And man oh man am I happy I did. So far, it's led to several new visitors to this blog, as well as a few other goodies.

What Is Yuwie?

In a nutshell, Yuwie is the first social networking website that actually pays its users. It's like MySpace and Facebook, but with one REALLY BIG difference - revenue sharing! Yes, that's right folks. Each month, Yuwie pays its users a portion of all of the advertising revenue!

My Personal Yuwie Page

How Does Yuwie Pay You?

Yuwie pays you a portion of the overall advertising revenue, which means that you'll get paid a portion of Yuwie's earnings any time:
  • Your profile is viewed
  • Your pictures are viewed
  • Your videos are viewed
  • Your blog is viewed
  • Your comments are viewed
  • Your shared layouts are viewed
Basically, anytime anyone looks at any of your stuff on Yuwie it counts as a page view for you, and Yuwie PAYS you for it. In addition to those above, Yuwie also pays you whenever you:
  • Use your control panel
  • Update your profile
  • Add a blog post
  • Add a picture
  • Message a friend.
UPDATE: Yuwie is definitely paying! Here's a copy of my friend's Yuwie check for his November Yuwie earnings. Cashed and money in the bank. Can't beat that! :)

And you also get a cut of your referrals' page views as well - all the way down through 10 levels. So if you refer friends to Yuwie, your monthly earnings will increase exponentially.

Yes, Yuwie pays you not only for your own page views, but for all of the page views generated by your entire 10-level downline. And that's pretty darn exciting!

Yuwie's Referral Program

Yuwie's referral program is very deep, yet very simple. It goes all the way down through 10 levels - which means that whenever you refer a friend, you you'll earn money from all of their page views.

Whenever they refer a friend, you'll earn money from all of their page views as well. And whenever they refer a friend, you'll earn money from their page views, etc., etc. And this continues all the way down through 10 levels!

Here are the percentages you earn per level:

You - 10%
Level 1 - 10%
Level 2 - 10%
Level 3 - 4%
Level 4 - 4%
Level 5 - 4%
Level 6 - 4%
Level 7 - 4%
Level 8 - 10%
Level 9 - 10%
Level 10 - 30%

Some Great Yuwie Features

Yuwie offers all the features you would expect from a social networking website. It offers: customizable profiles, blogs, pictures, email, videos, clubs, message boards, etc. And so far, I'd have to say that they're of much better quality than those of the other social networking sites.

What do I mean by that exactly? Well, the functions are a lot cleaner and easier to use. And customizing your profile is a snap. In no time flat, here's the Yuwie page I set up for myself. Just take a look!

Better Than MySpace Or Facebook?

Simple answer: Yes. I definitely like the Yuwie features a lot more, and I find that they're also much easier to use. But beyond that, the main reason why I join social networking sites to begin with is to network with people and get more traffic to this blog.

I'm on both Myspace and Facebook - and I joined them mainly to generate additional traffic to my blog. But have they done a very good job of that? No, not at all. If they had, you can bet your boots I would've posted about it.

To give a comparison, my MySpace page brought 1 unique visitor to this blog so far today, whereas my Yuwie page has brought 5. Plus, my Yuwie page also generated several video views, from which I also earn money. So right now it looks like Yuwie is the better choice all around. Add to that the fact that Yuwie pays you for using it, and you have a total winner.

Overall Conclusion

Yuwie is gonna take off like a rocket. And from what I've seen so far, Yuwie is generating some good money each month for those who've already joined. So after all is said and done, my conclusion is simple: MySpace and Facebook are out, and Yuwie is in.

I mean, just check out all the action on my Yuwie page. The numbers definitely speak for themselves. And truth be told, I'm having a total blast with Yuwie. So don't wait on this one. Get in on all the Yuwie action now. It's be great to have you there as my Yuwie friend.

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  1. Great post Aaron! We saw it on the Y website earlier this morning and wanted to stop in and say hello! You know we love you! :D

  2. Thanks Rhonda. Much appreciated! And right back at ya!

    Shine on,

  3. Fascinating post Herr Cook. I'm tempted to sign up but I don't know that I can do anymore social networks and I really don't keep up with the few I'm apart of now.

    I guess for me I gotta see how much ppl can make from this first...and though I hate being "that guy", I just hate spreading my self out so thin between so many different projects/money making thangs.

    But still, gave me a good reason to really pause and check it out. Thanks again for the post!

  4. You're welcome Bush! Yuwie is definitely awesome so far I must say. I'll keep you updated on the earnings and such and maybe eventually you'll hop on board.

    Shine on,

  5. Hi Aaron! Stumbled and reviewed! I may join later tonight! I just got like 12 people to join facebook, lets see if my powers of persuasion can entice them into this too!

  6. Thanks Bobby, I certainly appreciate it! And this is nothing like Facebook. If you post about it on your blog you should definitely be able to get a lot of people interested!

    Shine on,

  7. Love this post Aaron...I have to join up as soon as I get back from Vacation! You sold me for sure...I will join up from your link here.Hope all is sweet on your side of the world,AaRON ~!

    Have a groovy weekend
    Jesse ..

  8. Hi Jesse! Thanks so much for your kind words! I definitely look forward to seeing you on Yuwie as my friend. It wouldn't be as much fun without you! :)

    And I hope you're having a fantabulous vacation!!! You deserve it! :)

    Shine on,

  9. Hi Aaron,

    I have signed up for Yuwie under your referral. Thanks!

    You can add me here:

    By the way, I found your site via BlogRush.

    All the best!

  10. Hey Mikael, thanks a lot! I will definitely add you right now! :)

    And thanks for letting me know how you came across my site. I really appreciate that. :)

    See you on Yuwie!

    Shine on,

  11. Hi,
    I joined YiWie under you and blogged it. Pl read it here:

  12. Hi Malathy. Thanks so much! Yuwie is definitely the most awesome thing I've joined in the last few years. No doubt you'll have an awesome time with it...and earn some good extra money with it as well! :)

    If you ever need any help, or tips on how to multiply your earnings, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm more than happy to help! :)

    Shine on,

  13. Hey Aaron, just wanted to let you know how much I'm lovin' Yuwie! Thanks buddy! :D

  14. That's awesome Oscar! I'm loving it as well. See you on there! :)

    Shine on,


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