December 3, 2007

This Just In - The Official Yuwie Press Release

Good news in Yuwieland. The official Yuwie press release just went out today and I think it's pretty clear now why there's so much excitement going around regarding Yuwie, the free social network that actually pays you for using it.

Here's an excerpt from the press release. You can catch the full Yuwie press release here on my Yuwie blog.

Yuwie Press Release

Norma, Okla. (PRWEB) December 3, 2007 --, one of the Internet’s newest social networking sites, today announced the details behind their innovative and highly successful new online business model.

“MySpace and Facebook have already proven how business can make money from the efforts of end-users,” said Korry Rogers, founder and CEO of Yuwie. “Yuwie is proving that both businesses and end-users can finally share the $100 million per month advertising revenue that floods into the social networking market today.”

Rogers explains that Yuwie’s business model is based upon two core tenants: 1) End-user participation is free – no sign-up fees or subscription fees are required, and 2) Yuwie currently distributes well over half of the site’s advertising revenue back to participating end-users. Not only are Yuwie’s end-users paid for the traffic generated for their own personal page, but also for the traffic generated by friends they refer to the site, in addition to traffic generated from their friends’ subsequent referrals (for up to ten (10) layers or generations of personal referrals).

"The revenue potential for end-users is striking and very exciting once you start to run the numbers;” explained Rogers. "If someone only refers three of their friends, who refer three of their friends through ten levels, that one person will ultimately collect a percentage of advertising revenues from about 88,000 end-users, which can translate to about $8,800 per month for that person – every month."

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The Power of Yuwie

Yuwie checks have already gone out and a handful of folks made $100 or more last month. And with a 10-level payout structure, the potential is obviously enormous! And smart people are recognizing that fact. For example, check out what Bobby of Revellian Dot Com mentioned about it here on my blog:

"The one really good thing about Yuwie is that the payments are recursive. I like the idea that though I am just starting, any money I get will be the same or more each month...that sure beats the hell out of a one time payment...There really aren't too many plans that pay recursively so Yuwie is a good program for something long term. It may take a while, but Yuwie isn't doing anything but growing:)"

And Bobby is definitely right about that...

Yuwie Members So Far
As of Dec. 3, 2007 9:57 PM EST

• Total Yuwie Members: 307,209
• New Yuwie Members This Month: 7,012
• New Yuwie Members Today: 2,458

So my friends, don't wait on this one. The sooner the better. Yuwie is making a lot of people very happy and there's no doubt that you could make a lot of money with this!

For more in depth information on how you make money with Yuwie, check out my make money with Yuwie post. And if you want to see my actual Yuwie page, stop by here. Anyway, thanks again for reading and I hope to see you there!

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  1. Very good Aaron. This just adds to the excitement!

    Take care Oscar

  2. Yo, Aaron

    This interface will finaly convince me to only read your blog. I don`t have and never will have a blogger account.

    More, there are 2 scripts on your page which made page loading takes forever, pulling out to me some warning messages about some things runnig behind ..

    As about Yuwie, I ceased being excited about, is just a simple mlm pyramidal scheme where same first come MAY get something, but in an end, 50% of something (allways same something) which is now splited to "n" users will become same (allways same) something splited to 100 x "n" ..

    8,800 $/month, that is so funny .. reminds me of "offers" as "be millionaire in 30 days" or "22,917.45 $ a day, click here to learn how".

    is plain logic : Adsense can be banned once users will start clicking hard to raise the income, paid ads are and will be allways limited as ocupaid space and then also as income generator ..

    therefore , a 99% stabile income will be "shared" to more and more users .. result can be only a lower income for end users.
    BUT ! If this "thing" works for a year or two, it will be enough as following "guru`s rules" to hit and run .. for Yuwie`s owners ...

  3. Hi Valentin. Thanks for letting me know about page load error! I think it was the news feed I had going. I took it off, so hopefully it'll load no probs.

    About the comments...don't even get me started. I wasn't even aware of the changes until today when some of my readers emailed me asking what was up. Once I logged in and did some hunting around a little bit ago I realized that I could change my settings to allow people to comment WITHOUT being on Blogger, which is apparently what it had defaulted to during the update. So if you notice, the Sign-in drop-down box now allows you to comment through any of these:

    Any OpenID

    They're still making some changes, but for now it's the best option. Just confusing at first since everyone's used to the old system.

    The main reason they're making the changes is to prevent people from leaving comments "pretending" to be someone else. And I think that's good since I've had a one or two instances of someone leaving nasty comments with MY name and MY URL. I eventually had to contact the blogger and let her know it wasn't me, just someone using my name and link! But regardless, I'm still not sure what I think about this new comment system.

    As for Yuwie, I'm very happy with it. And even if it doesn't amount to a huge amount of money at least I'm getting quality use out of it. I use social networks quite regularly anyway, so to me it only makes sense to use it. I do the same thing there as I used to do on MySpace, Facebook and hi5. They just never paid me one red cent! Yuwie, on the other hand, IS paying me. In addition, I like the functionality and the features of it a lot more than I do the others. I've pretty much stopped using them almost entirely.

    But it's just like everything else in life. One size never fits all. Some people will; some people won't. In the meantime, I'm gonna continue to enjoy it, meet new people, and collect some cash at the same time.

    Bottom line, revenue-sharing is where it's at and it's where's it's gonna be. It started with videos (Revver, MetaCafe, Flixya, etc.) and now it's working its way elsewhere as Internet users begin to move away from non-revenue-sharing programs and gravitate towards the ones that pay.

    Yuwie is the first one in the social networking realm, but it certainly won't be the last. One or two others have already been launched and I expect to see even more in time. So no matter what happens, I'll always take the paycheck over nothing at all. For me, MySpace is out and Yuwie is in.

    Shine on,

    PS: Btw, I appreciate your visits whether you comment or not! :)

  4. I love Yuwie. Personally I didn't think I was gonna like social networks but man is it ever addictive.

    Being an older gent I don't have a lot of friends who socialize online but Yuwie has been a really good way for me to keep in touch with my family in other parts of the country. Can't complain about the extra money either. Who'd a' thunk I could chat with my family AND get paid for it. :D Just one of the many reasons I'm still in total awe of the internet.



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