December 8, 2007

Is Yuwie A Scam? - The Real Answer...

OK, so I've gotten a few emails recently asking me whether or not Yuwie is a scam, and whether or not Yuwie is actually paying any of its members any money. So...

Is Yuwie A Scam?

YES, Yuwie is a scam!!! Yuwie is a great big HUGE scam! Run, run, run! Run for your lives! Yuwie is definitely a very nasty and dangerous scam! Run! LOL.

But seriously, folks...No, Yuwie is not a scam. Not even close, my friends. How do I know? Easy. First of all, I know scams pretty darn well. I know pyramid schemes and I know Ponzi schemes - both inside and out, upside and down. So it's pretty hard to get one past me if it is a scam.

And secondly, I happen to know first-hand that Yuwie has already sent checks out to several Yuwie members. And Yuwie has paid ALL of them on time. For example, here's a copy of my friend's Yuwie check. I hate doing this sort of thing (always have), but hey, sometimes it's the only way to prove it to some people.

That was his October Yuwie check. His subsequent Yuwie earnings have since increased quite a bit - as have a lot of other peoples'. For November, his Yuwie earnings jumped to $166.90 (see pic).

So it's pretty apparent that Yuwie is shooting up like a mad rocket. It's simple to use, simple make some extra money, and most importantly, it's a whole lotta of fun!

Yuwie vs. MySpace and Facebook

It's been about two months since I first joined Yuwie, and I can honestly say that I'm more than happy with the Yuwie service thus far. At the time of this writing, there's really nothing that I would deem to be a negative.

The only issue I had when I first joined Yuwie was the speed of the site. Things were a tad slow, especially when a lot of people were on. But that was remedied a few weeks ago with the addition of several new and faster dedicated servers.

My Personal Yuwie Page

Aas far as social networking sites go, Yuwie is definitely my top choice - money or no money. Overall, I feel that the user features are much better organized and whole a lot easier to use.

But beyond that, the Yuwie members themselves seem lot friendlier and much more willing to help you with anything, whether it's related to Yuwie or not. So there's really no comparison. If I were left on a desert island and had to pick just one social networking site, I'd definitely choose Yuwie, no question about it.

For more in depth information on Yuwie, check out my Make Money With Yuwie post. And if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to let me know! The Yuwie team definitely listens to what the members have to say. In fact, Yuwie has already implemented several things that were suggested by us members. Further proof that social networking has just gotten a whole lot better.

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