May 25, 2006

Home Business Distributors Overcome Failure...

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Home Business Distributors Overcome Failure

Most marketers are pretty familiar with the acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Stupid, Simple). Oh wait, I have that backwards. :P

Anyway, my point is this: If you're trying to help your downline succeed, then by all means, keep things as simple as possible.

If you're giving them marketing tips for their MLM business, keep it simple. If you're giving them marketing tips on their prospecting, keep it simple. If you're giving them marketing tips for lead generation, keep it simple.

Simple, simple, simple!

By keeping things simple, as opposed to overwhelming your distributors with details and needless information, you will find that your distributors will be:

  • More confident in themselves
  • More excited about their business
  • More productive in their sales and recruiting
  • More successful overall in their business

Now, what do I mean exactly about keeping it simple?

The following marketing tip is an excellent example. It's a marketing tip that was shared by Orjan Saele on one of the annual MLM cruises.

Help Your Distributors Overcome Failure

Orjan helps his new distributors overcome failure and negative thoughts by saying this to them:

"So what if your first six months might be bad, or if
you have some embarrassing failures. So how long did
it take you to learn to talk? To learn to drive?

"It took a while, and there were some embarrassing
failures, but now you enjoy the benefits of talking
and driving. It was worth it."

It's a simple explanation that's totally easy for newbies to grasp. And guess what? It works! So keep it stupid, simple. Dang, I did it again! :P

For more great free tips, check out Tom "Big Al" Schreiter's website. Big Al is one of the most respected in the industry and he offers loads of helpful marketing tips and info.

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