May 6, 2006

Spam, Spam and More Spam... Those Bastards!

If you've noticed recently that you're getting a lot more spam than you used to get, then there may just be a very good reason for it...

Your blog.

Yeah, that's right. Your blog may be (and probably is) contributing to the amount of spam you're getting... especially porn spam!


Because spammers can (and are) "harvesting" your email address from your blog in several ways.

This is a fact. And recently, I ran several experiments involving a few different blogs of mine in order to test this.

And the result?

The spammers WILL find and use your email address for spam, no questions asked.

And what a shame. These dicknozzles will take anything good and eventually make it problemsome.

Anyway, be wary of where your personal information is so readily available. Don't allow these spammers and identity thieves such easy pickins' if you don't have to.

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