May 21, 2006

MLM Business Opportunities Weblog...

I wanted to post a sincere thank you to the MLM Business Opportunities Weblog for using one of my recent posts on their website. It's definitely quite an honor!

Now, just in case you're not completely familiar with the MLM Business Opportunities Weblog, here's the skinny on it...

The Business Opportunities Weblog is made up of eleven niche business blogs. And it's run by these two friendly gentlemen:

Dane Carlson

Ty Tribble

"The Business Opportunities Weblog is a moderated list of legitimate business opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is presented like a weblog with chronological archives and extensive outbound links."

"...Since 2001 this site has helped thousands of individuals in their quest for self-employment and business ownership. Our mission is simple: to help entrepreneurs like yourself find the business that’s right for YOU!"

Bottom line... the MLM Business Opportunities Weblog is a wealth of helpful information. It's definitely worth a look!

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