May 20, 2006

Most Popular Home Business Keywords...

Don't Be Stumped!

Know Your Home Based Business Keywords...

If you have a home based business, then you definitely need to advertise your business in one way or another. That's a given.

If you choose online advertising as one of your marketing approaches, then you certainly need to know which keywords (search terms) people are searching for when they're looking to join a home based business opportunity.

If you use PPC advertising (Pay-Per-Click advertising) for example, then knowing these keywords will greatly benefit you and your home business in SEVERAL ways.

At the very least, knowing them will:

  • Help you to "target" your audience
  • Improve your ad effectiveness
  • Reduce wasted clicks on your ads
  • Lower your cost per click
  • Lower your overall advertising costs
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Improve your ROI (Return On Investment)

The above 7 are VERY important to your home based business success, especially if you want to excel in the home based business arena. And duh, which home based business owner doesn't want to excel? :P

To find which keywords are being searched, use Overture's Keyword Selector Tool. I can't say enough about this valuable tool. It'll really give you a marketing edge in your home based business opportunity. Plus, it's free!

Happy Marketing!

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