January 22, 2007

AGLOCO Official Update #2

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Here's another awesome update from AGLOCO - which, by the way, is really taking off now. If you haven't already signed up, you probably don't want to wait another minute.

"AGLOCO is eight weeks old and growing quickly.

We opened up the AGLOCO Membership prior to launching the service so that many of you could reap the rewards of being the real founders and builders of the AGLOCO Economic Network.

Over 30,000 of you have already recruited a least one new Member to AGLOCO (and some of you have recruited referral networks of more than 10,000).

This recruiting effort has been going on around the globe. Google results for “AGLOCO” now include many different languages (75,000 pages in Chinese - even 150 pages in Lithuanian).

During AGLOCO’s pre-launch phase, we have been improving the functionality and information on the AGLOCO website (with much still to do) and we have been working on the central communication piece of the network, the Viewbar software (still a few weeks away)."

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