January 27, 2007

Young@Heart Chorus Sings Coldplay...

This is really, really cool. Members of the Young@Heart Chorus sing a rendition of "Fix You" by the popular rock band Coldplay.

It's sung (beautifully) by Fred Knittle, who was born in 1925. The Young@Heart Chorus itself is made up of performers who's ages range from 73 to 92 years young. Yeah, rock on!

Some of these great folks have prior professional theater or music experience, while other Young@Heart members have performed extensively on the amateur level. Some of them have never even been on a stage before turning 80!

As for Fred Knittle, he no longer travels with the Young@Heart Chorus due to his breathing problems, but will accept an occasional opportunity to sing with the group at a special event. He and his wife, Barbara, have been married for over 55 years. He says that their marriage is based on faith and trust. She has no faith in him and he doesn't trust her. :P

Young@Heart Sings Coldplay's "Fix You"

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