January 1, 2007

The Meat and Potatoes of Affiliate Marketing...

Pancakes? Nooo, Not Pancakes!
The Meat & Potatoes of Affiliate Marketing!

As we know, affiliate marketing can sometimes be a tad tricky. Yet, it can also be a well-oiled machine that cranks out new affiliate sales for you left and right.

But the question is - How do you succeed in getting those affiliate sales? Well, here are some highly-regarded affiliate marketing tips that'll help you do just that...

Banner Ads

Think of the banner ads you place on your blog or website as the "spice" in your affiliate diet. Just sprinkle them around and don't overdo it. Too many banner ads will not only frustrate your visitors, they'll also subtract from your site's content and quality. So use them sparingly.

Also, remember to move your banner ads around on your website from time to time in order to avoid "ad blindness" and to keep things looking fresh and new.

More Affiliate Sales

For a bigger helping of affiliate sales, you're definitely going to need to utilize something much more productive than just banner ads themselves. You're going to need to give your visitors a longer and more descriptive pre-sales text - one that'll interest them and get them to make a purchase.

But How?

Revamp your affiliate marketing with these simple steps:
  • Pull the Reader In
  • Introduce the Product
  • Explain the Product's Significance
  • Tell the Reader to Make a Purchase

Pull the Reader In

In order to prove to your visitors that your sales text is worth reading, make your first sentence very interesting. Make a bold statement! Say something seemingly ridiculous - or appeal to your prospect's emotional side. Then, tie this "grabber line" in with the rest of your sales copy.

Introduce Your Product

What product are you advertising? What does your product do? Give a brief explanation of your product, keeping the explanation as short as possible. This should still be a very short section of your sales text. It should make your visitors want to learn more about your product so that they'll want to continue reading what you have to say.

Explain Its Significance

What will it do for them?

By writing your own ad copy, you can directly target your market. So make the most of this opportunity. Take the time to explain (very clearly) how your visitors will "benefit" from your product - how it will improve their lives or their health, etc.

Tell Them to Make a Purchase

You've come this far. You've laid out precisely what the product is and how it'll benefit them. So seal the deal - tell them to purchase it.

Now, this step may seem odd, but it's necessary. Many times people hear about something and are quite interested in it, yet they fail to actually buy it. A clear "call to action" will increase your affiliate sales. Two examples of a clear call to action could be something like:

"Click here to order today." Or, "Click here to sign up now!"

Increase Sales With Long Copy

If you don't feel ready to write long sales copy yourself, just ask your affiliate program manager for some help. Many companies provide pre-written ads, articles, flyers, emails, etc., that you can reprint for free to use in your own affiliate marketing. Do take advantage of this as it's generally very helpful.


  1. Wow good tips there. Any thoughts of writing your own Affiliate Marketing e-book or anything?

  2. Many thanks Jason!

    And no, at this point I don't have any "specific" plans on writing my own Affilaite Marketing e-book.

    I do, however, plan to do so sometime in the future, but not right now. Too many other things going on - if you know what I mean.

    Shine on,


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