January 30, 2007

How Much Money Can AGLOCO Make You?

With all the buzz on the web regarding AGLOCO, and with my own AGLOCO network growing so quickly, I feel it's important to share some of the information I've come across regarding the common question, "How much money I can make with AGLOCO?"

To answer that, below is some information from John Chow. John is a self-proclaimed Dot Com Mogul and owner of The Tech Zone, one of the largest hardware tech sites on the Internet. He explains the Simmons Report, a detailed analysis of the amount of money a person could make with AGLOCO.

John is a very well-known individual when it comes to things dealing with the Internet. And as he quickly realized the great money-making potential of AGLOCO, he joined as well.

So you can bet your boots that you don't want to wait on this one. Start your own AGLOCO network right away. It's completely free. You surf the Internet anyway, so why not get paid some good bucks for doing just that!

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"The Simmons Report valuations are based on AGLOCO getting 2 million users in two years. Now the first question a new member may have is how can the Simmons Report based its number on 2 million in 2 years when AGLOCO themselves have stated their goal is to get 10 million members by July 1st, 2007. The answer is quite simple. The Simmons Report is based on ACTIVE USERS. When you sign up with AGOLCO, you become a member even if you don’t do anything. And when something doesn't cost anything, it’s pretty easy to do nothing. The fact of the matter is 80% of the membership will never sign up another person. This was how it was with the old AllAdvantage and I don’t expect it to change with AGLOCO. In a way, this is good for me because I have less competition. So how much can you make with AGLOCO? The Simmons Report came up with the following data.

  • A user who has no referrals should receive ownership in AGLOCO worth about $150 plus monthly cash distributions.
  • The average value of an AGLOCO user’s referral network should be $30 each in ownership shares plus the referrer’s share of monthly cash distribution.
  • The average AGLOCO direct referral should be worth in excess of $3,000 each.
  • The monthly cash distributions should be between $5 and $15 a month per user.
All the above is based on 2 million active users. We know that 80% of the membership won’t be active in signing people up so based on that we can assume 10 million total members. AGLOCO plans to be at 10 million members in the next six months, not two years. So if anything, the Simmons Report is being very conservative.

A member who signs up nobody but just surf the maximum five hours per month should make $5 to $15 per month. The number will depend on the size of the user base and state of the Internet advertising market. The question this brings up is would people surf the Net with a toolbar for $5 to $15 per month? Well, millions of people surf the Internet right now with a Google or Alexa toolbar for $0 per month. Imagine what they would do if they got paid for it."
Bottom line, you don't want to miss out on this one. Sign up with AGLOCO (totally free) and start building your own AGLOCO network. Get paid to surf the Internet just like you always have. It's that easy.


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