January 20, 2007

Home Business Today On New Blogger...

In his Decisions...Decisions post, Dave Stone of MLM Today recently asked the question of whether or not any Blogger bloggers had switched their blogs over to the New Blogger system.

Of course, what Dave is referring to is the recent Blogger update from Google - the one that updates Blogger blogs from what is now known as, "Old Blogger" to the new-and-improved version called, "New Blogger."

The HBT Blog Update

As for me, I actually updated the Home Business Today Blog about three days ago, if memory serves correct. However, the question still remains - Is New Blogger better?

Well, to give you an idea of what I, myself, think about New Blogger, here's the comment I left on Dave Stone's MLM Today blog...

"Actually, I just made the switch this very week. And overall, I really like the new version - though I haven't had a ton of time in which to test it thoroughly.

Publishing and republishing is definitely a whole lot quicker. Plus, I'm really liking the fact that you can label (tag) each post categorically! I've been wanting that option since day one.

Now, I've not yet "upgraded" my actual template since I don't like the idea of losing all of my previous HTML changes and additions, so I'm waiting until I have a TON of time on hand so that I can go through that tedious process.

But once I do, I'm quite sure I'll enjoy the new widgets and page elements they offer - as well as the ease of reordering them, etc.

Yeah, so to answer your question...

So far, I really, really like New Blogger. And though I was initially very, very hesitant to switch over, it certainly seems to be a great improvement. I'm quite impressed, pleased and happy with it."

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