May 9, 2007

Tom's Mission Impossible - Opening A Car Door

Here's proof that driving an awesome car (in this case a Bugatti Veyron) doesn't necessarily make a person look cool - even if you are a movie star.

For fun, I've written some internal dialog for Tom. Honestly, I can't imagine anything much different goes through his coconut anyway.

"OK, let's see...Drive car forward to big red area. Stop car. Put car in "P" for park. Open my door and stand up. Wave like a total crotch nut. Close my door. Walk around back of car.

Wow, this is some real easy stuff!

Pull the not my door handle. Pull the not my door handle again. Keep pulling the not my door handle. Hey, how do I open the not my door, door?!"

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  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2007

    Holy shit that's funny. I hate Tom Cruise. Scientology whack job.


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