May 10, 2007

Site Meter Gets A Brand New Face - And More...

Yesterday, the folks at Site Meter unveiled their brand new website. It's a total redesign from the old one, and in my opinion, it looks a million times better. It's very clean and very easy to navigate. Aaron likey.

Along with the same comprehensive real-time website tracking and counter tools that many have come to depend on from Site Meter, they've also introduced some brand new features that will provide you with valuable insight regarding your visitors. Yes, change is good.

But first, here's a screenshot of the new Site Meter website...

Now just compare it to the old one below and you can see the difference. It's like night and day. Well, I guess if night and day both had a lot of green on them. :P Anyway, it's definitely a big improvement aesthetically.

Over the next few days Site Meter will be taking care of a few issues regarding the new site. They'll be working on optimizing load times, tweaking some graphs and fixing a few other minor hiccups - all standard stuff when you launch a new site.

In addition, Site Meter will also be offering a bunch of brand new tools and features. Here's a list of some of the things that will be coming soon...

Demo Reports – These will show you the exact demographics of your site visitors.
User Interest Reports – These will show you categories of content people read when they're not on your site. Knowing this type of information will help you find out what your visitors’ real interests are. That's a goldmine!
Better Account Management – This will allow you to run numerous websites under one single account (I've been wanting this one for a long time!). You’ll also be able to utilize a single login for easier access and management.
Heat Mapping (Heatmaps) – Yay! Heatmaps will show you where your users’ mouse is on the screen so you can better set up your website. Trust me, heatmaps are your best friend!
Variable Format Reports and Export - Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs
Excel, CSV, Tab Delimited
Unique Visitors –Know exactly how many true unique visitors are coming to your site, not just unique hits.
Live View – This will give you up-to-the minute stats reporting. If you're a stats junky who has to know what's going on at all times, you'll like this one.

Site Meter will also be introducing features like RSS tracking, podcast tracking, spider reportss and online videos. Yep, that's right. Online videos. The videos will be high quality, relevant news and topical videos that you can put on your blog or website. So when your visitors read your content they can also watch related videos. This will keep your visitors on your site longer. Hooray!

All in all, it looks like Site Meter is definitely on the right track to keep growing steadily. And with the new look, now they can do it in style.

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