June 4, 2007

Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Talk About Their Relationship

Here's a great video of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs onstage together at D5, talking about the greatest misunderstandings about their relationship and what they've accomplished throughout history.

Here's another great video. This one is from BBC 2 and compares Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in an attempt to answer the question of which one is the world's most powerful person in computing.

By the way, it's about 39 minutes long, so sit back and grab yourself a cup of coffee and a snack or something! :)

VIDEO: The World's Most Powerful - Gates vs Jobs


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2007

    The entire interview was really enlightening. While they definitely have different styles for EVERYTHING, it's clear that they both love what they do.

    - Mike

  2. That's for sure. And it's nice to see that they can sit there and joke around with each other as they do.

    A lot of people think they're arch enemies who hate each other, but they're not. They're two highly successful businessmen and pioneers and they respect one another for that.

    BTW, congrats on the ReviewMe thing. ;)

    Shine on,


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