June 2, 2007

Top 5 Posts - May 2007

Last month I started doing a monthly Top Posts recap of the previous month's top posts. So here are the ones for May 2007 in case you missed any of them.

Spinal Tap Reunites For Live Earth Concert! - Marty DiBergi gets Nigel, David and Derek to reunite the fictitious heavy metal band Spinal Tap and agree to play at the Live Earth concert.

Earn Cash For Reviewing My Posts - Being paid for your opinion is good. Now you can make a cool $7.50 just for reviewing one of the posts here on Aaron Cook dot Com!

False Alarm! Apple iPhone Will Not Be Delayed - An email hoax causes Apple's stock to drop from $107.89 to $103.42 in just six minutes, which quickly wiped about $4 billion off of Apple's market capitalization.

New Transformers Trailer Yields Secret Password - See the latest production photos, the latest theatrical trailer, and get the secret password to the super-secret SectorSeven website.

Rich Jerk Not So rich After All? - Rich Jerk tries to avoid bankruptcy and attempts to sell his entiere business for $8 million.

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