June 10, 2007

Increasing Your Blog Readership With FeedBlitz

Did you know that you can increase your blog's readership by simply adding a way for your readers to get your blog posts via email? Yes, it's true. And FeedBlitz, which specializes in blog and RSS to email, is an excellent service that will help you achieve just that. In fact, it's so darn easy that my pet rock could even do it!

Well, that is, if he actually even wrote a blog. But that worthless bastard is so freakin' lazy that...

Well, never mind. Anyway...

In a nutshell, FeedBlitz can help you:

  • Boost your readership & reach the largest possible market
  • Give you some very valuable insights into your readership
Monetizing Your Subscription Page

In addition, FeedBlitz also allows you to monetize your personal FeedBlitz subscription page. Yes, you can actually add your own Google AdSense code to your FeedBlitz page. And this is, as Borat would say...Very nice!

For example, here's the Aaron Cook Dot Com™ FeedBlitz page. As you can see, FeedBlitz prominently places your AdSense ad unit at the very top of the page. And directly below that is where your readers will be able to subscribe so that they can get your updates as soon as they come out.

No Feed Reader, No Problem!

The FeedBlitz service is excellent for your readers who don't use a feed reader, but would like to have your blog posts emailed to them instead. And how it works is simple. As soon as you publish a new post on your blog, FeedBlitz automatically emails your subscribers to let them know that you've just posted to your blog.

Full Posts Or Just A Teaser?

You can also choose to have the email send out your full blog post, or just a portion of it (a teaser). If you opt to use a teaser you can choose how much of your blog post (the actual number of characters) will be displayed in the email.

Personally, I suggest using a teaser rather than the full blog post since the whole idea is obviously to get your subscribers back to your blog as often as possible.

I've been using FeedBlitz for a short while and it's worked very well so far. It's definitely an excellent way to keep your blog readers fully updated. And beyond that, it should also help you gain some valuable insights into your readership. And that's always a great thing.


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2007

    Good stuff Aaron. I really like Feedblitz. It's really very useful. Didn't know I could add my AdSense to it though. Glad you mentioned that one!


  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2007

    I didn't know they let you monetize the page with your own AdSense ads either. That's really pretty cool. I think it's time I started using it. :)

  3. AnonymousJune 12, 2007

    Yo, Aaron.

    never hear of feedblitz while ..

    Oh, c`mon, I actually want to ask you about your pet rock : is a she or a he ?

  4. Hey Valentin. Good to see you my friend!

    LOL, my pet rock is a she. And her name is...Kimberlite. Ha ha ha. But I just call her Kim for short. :P

    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimberlite

    "Kimberlite is a type of rock best known for sometimes containing diamonds.

    Kimberlite is an ultrapotassic, ultramafic, igneous rock composed of olivine, phlogopite, pyroxene and garnet, with a variety of chemically anomalous trace minerals. Kimberlite occurs in the Earth's crust in vertical structures known as kimberlite pipes. Kimberlite pipes are the most important source of mined diamonds today."


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