June 2, 2007

Keyboard Shortcuts For Copyright And Registered Trademark Symbols

Keyboard Shortcuts for Copyright and Registered Trademark Symbols...and More.

Since I've recently waged a successful battle against copyright infringement, I figured it'd be a good idea to post a few keyboard shortcuts for creating copyright and registered trademark symbols. You know, for you to use. ;)

These keyboard shortcuts, for both Windows and Mac users, will save you some very valuable time whenever you need to use these marks and symbols in order to help you protect YOUR works and property rights by showing YOUR ownership of your website content (or any other online content).

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac:

Wondering how to make a copyright symbol, a trademark symbol, or a "registered" trademark symbol on your keyboard?

Well, it's easy! Simply use these special keyboard shortcuts and keyboard characters to make such things as the TM symbol (™), registered trademark symbol (®), copyright symbol (©) and others...

The Keyboard Shortcuts...

The keyboard shortcuts below are for Windows operating systems (Windows XP, etc.), as well as Mac operating systems (Mac OS X) .

Keyboard Shortcut to Create the Copyright Symbol ©
  • Windows - ALT + 0169 (hold down ALT key and type 0169 on numeric pad)
  • Mac - Option + g (Hold down Option key and press the g key)
Keyboard Shortcut to Create the Trademark Symbol
  • Windows - ALT + 0153
  • Mac - Option + 2
Keyboard Shortcut to Create the Registered Trademark Symbol ®
  • Windows - ALT + 0174
  • Mac - Option + r
Note: While it's legal to claim a "trademark" in order to uniquely identify the source of your goods and/or services and to protect your intellectual property, it is not legal to use the registered trademark symbol "®" unless that trademark is "officially registered" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Keyboard Shortcut to Create the Heart Symbol
  • Windows - ALT + 3
  • Mac - Click Edit, then Special Characters. Find the heart symbol and click Insert.
-I get a lot of traffic from people searching on Google and Yahoo to find out how to create the heart symbol on their keyboards, so I updated this post to show how to do it...Because I ♥ my visitors! :P

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  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2007

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  2. Many thanks Karen! :) And keep up the good work on yours too!

    Shine on,

  3. AnonymousJune 04, 2007

    Hey thanks. I never knew those shortcuts even existed! Makes me wonder what else my little computer is hiding from me. :P


  4. AnonymousJune 06, 2007

    I remember those codes from the old days of BBS (bulletin board systems) prior to the Internet. Of course, our most oft used codes were for making simple graphic elements for the corners and sides of boxes!

    The Html entity equivalents probably should be noted here as well. At least for those marking up Html anyway.

    is ™

    © is ©

  5. Thanks Webstractions. Actually, you beat me to it. :P I plan on covering the HTML equivalents as well in an upcoming post on more shortcuts.

    Shine on,

  6. Thanks so much for this. I've been looking all over the web and Googling myself to death trying to find out how to make these symbols on my keyboard. Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. My pleasure Lacy. After it took me a while to find them I figured it'd make sense to post them so others could find them easier. Glad it's been of help. :)

    Shine on,


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