July 13, 2006

Blogger and WordPress Make The 100 Best...

Blogger and WordPress
Make "100 Best" List

I was reading through the new issue of PC World magazine the other day - and no, I'm not a nerd. Gosh! I mean, I did spend the whole summer with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines. And I shot like 50 of 'em! :P

Anyway, in the issue they named the "100 Best Products of the Year." And out of the 100, two blog publishing systems actually made the list. Sweet! So which ones were they?

Coming in at #33 is Blogger

BLOGGER Blogging Service
"It's not the most sophisticated blogging tool around, but it is free and easy to use. It works with Google's Hello to support no-cost photo hosting and posting, and you can upload pictures from your camera phone to your Blogger blog."

Coming at #95 is WordPress

WORDPRESS Blogging Tool
"Two free practical controls make this product stand out: Photos and art are resizable on the fly in side the editing space, and dividing a blog entry into two parts is simple."

So there you have it. And I think it's pretty cool that both of them actually made PC World's 100 best list. Heck yes I do!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2006

    That's cool. I didn't know that about them.

    BTW, good Napoleon Dynamite jokes there. Very entertaining. It's stuff like that that keeps me coming back.


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