July 13, 2006

Top 5 Ways You Can Avoid Spyware...

Top 5 Ways You Can Avoid Spyware

Are you unintentionally exposing your PC or laptop to harmful spyware, without even knowing it? Actually, most people are. So how can you avoid a nasty spyware attack?

Here are the Top 5 Ways to Avoid Spyware, courtesy of Webroot Software, Inc., makers of the well-known Spy Sweeper, which is heralded by PC Magazine as, "Easily the best choice for protecting PCs from spyware."

As spyware grows more dangerous, they've identified the top five things you can easily do to prevent malicious spyware from infecting your computer.

And here they are:

Tip #5: Update Your Operating System Frequently

Install security updates for your operating system as soon as they become available. Many spyware programs target vulnerable PCs using outdated or un-patched operating systems. Trojan horses or other nasty programs can easily get onto your PC through holes in the operating system.

Close the door on these threats by keeping your operating system patched and up-to-date.

Tip #4: Use a Software Firewall

A computer without a firewall is easy prey for hackers, worms, remote access Trojans and other online threats. Think of your PC as a revolving door of constantly streaming communications – some desirable, other dangers. A firewall watches this activity and alerts you to suspicious traffic.

Use a firewall to keep your data safe and intruders out!

Tip #3: Practice Safe Surfing

When you're online, pay attention to the sites you're surfing. Keep in mind that the more suspect the site, like adult Web sites, the more likely it is to contain spyware that could infect your PC.

If you're browsing to these sites, don't say "Yes" to anything. These unscrupulous spyware writers frequently try to trick you into downloading infected files.

Avoiding "alternative" Web sites is an easy way to prevent spyware infections.

Tip #2: Just Say NO! to Freeware

Freeware programs are notorious for including nasty spyware programs that create pop-up ads and redirect your Internet browser home page to their search page.

Many users pay the painful price for installing freeware when the bundled spyware slows their system, corrupts their hard drive or bombards them pop-up ads.

Tip #1: Use an Anti-Spyware Program

Using Spy Sweeper is the easiest way to prevent spyware infections. Spy Sweeper detects, removes and blocks more vicious spies, like 'Elite Keylogger' and 'commonname' that other programs miss.

And if a new threat comes along that doesn't match Spy Sweeper's signature files, no problem. Spy Sweeper will build a defense on the fly and neutralize the threat before it can do damage to your PC.

It provides this 360 degree protection to make sure your personal information remains confidential, your PC keeps running, and your identity stays secure.

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