July 22, 2006

Guaranteed Traffic, Guaranteed Hits: Do They Really Work?

Guaranteed Traffic and Guaranteed Hits
Do They Really Work?

This particular question came up on one of the home based business forums...

So here's some crucial information that you'll want to know about these so-called guaranteed traffic, guaranteed hits, guaranteed visitors and guaranteed signups programs before you spend any of your money on this type of advertising.

The Question:

"Has anyone had any success with the various websites out there that promise to redirect targeted traffic to your website? If so which ones? What sort of conversion rate do you get? One sign-up or product sold per 50, per 1,000, per 100,000, etc.?

Most of them seem to involve the use of pop-ups or pop-unders, which I would guess just annoy people. I know I ignore pop-ups and pop-unders.


The Answer:

"There are literally thousands of websites that offer these types of guaranteed hits, guaranteed visitors, and guaranteed traffic services.

As for their conversion rates or ROI (Return on Investment), I can say that I know many, many people who have tried them, but know of no one who's had any luck with them at all.

Why They Don't Work

The main reason guaranteed traffic, guaranteed hits and guaranteed visitor programs don't work is because the traffic generated is not "organic" traffic. Basically, the hits to your website are simply "generated" via pop-ups or pop-unders on some other site.

And that's where the problem begins.

People hate pop-ups and pop-unders. You even said yourself that you ignore them. ;)

Bottom line, they're a complete waste of your time and money. You'll pay for something like 10,000 or 50,000 hits/visitors, for example, and most likely not see a darn thing as a result of them!

If you want to generate quality, targeted traffic I'd suggest trying PPC (Pay-Per-Click) instead and using more reputable companies like Google or Yahoo!. Google's PPC program is called Google AdWords. Yahoo!'s is called Sponsored Search.

And if you don't yet have a blog that you post to regularly, be sure to start one as that can also be a good source of generating traffic for you, as well as an additional income source. Anyway, good luck with everything!


So, if you purchase guaranteed hits, guaranteed traffic, guaranteed visitors (the terms are entirely interchangeable) or guaranteed signups for your website or home business, I can pretty much GUARANTEE that the only thing you'll have is a much thinner wallet.

You'll be seeing Red instead of seeing Green. Grrr!

Guaranteed Traffic & Hits - What to Know

  • What are guaranteed hits?
  • What is guaranteed traffic?
  • What are guaranteed visitors?
  • What are guaranteed signups?

Guaranteed hits, guaranteed traffic, and guaranteed visitors are basically hits (visitors) to your website that are purchased. These "visitors" are generally directed to your site through the use of either pop-up ads or pop-under ads.

The companies offering these services have so-called "networks of websites" in which the webmasters have agreed to display pop-up and pop-under ads on their sites. When someone visits one of these sites, your website would open up as either a pop-up or a pop-under window.

The Problems

One of the first problems with this is that no one likes pop-up or pop-under ads. In fact, people hate them! This is why pretty much no one will buy anything from your site if they've come across it via pop-up or pop-under advertising schemes.

Another huge problem with these guaranteed traffic and guaranteed hits programs is that just about everyone online these days has some type of pop-up blocking software running on their computers that totally BLOCKS these pop-up and pop-under ads.

So what this means is that your site will be blocked from loading and opening fully before anyone even sees it! Talk about money down the drain! Oh, it'll count as one of your hits or visitors, but NO ONE will have actually SEEN your webpage or what you have to offer!

Another Ugly Problem

Beyond that, there's another very UGLY problem with the guaranteed hits, guaranteed traffic and guaranteed visitor programs. And it's something that the numbskulls selling them conveniently neglect to tell you...

They're selling you traffic. So they need to get the traffic from somewhere, right? Of course. So, many times they actually use their own website to gather the traffic. Other times, they just buy traffic from other companies and resell it to you!

And worse yet, they may even go as far as to use spam emails to generate your traffic. And when your name and website is used in a spam email or spam advertising campaign, your business could be shut down entirely. You could be charged for violating the law.

What are Guaranteed Signups?

Guaranteed signups are prospects who sign up for your program. They generally join for free. In other words, they're just leads... and poor quality leads at that. For the most part, they're "incentivised" to join. -So they won't make you any money, they'll only end up costing you money.

Guaranteed Signups Spell Danger

It's common for companies to promise you guaranteed signups. But instead, they deliver harvested email addresses and personal information. This basically means that you got a bunch of people who didn't really sign up for your business.

Translation: Possible spam complaints against you!

The bottom line is this... These such guaranteed traffic and guaranteed signups programs don't work! They'll only cause you to lose money... or much worse, your business and your reputation.

Generating Good Traffic and Leads

To generate leads, "quality" traffic and quality, targeted traffic to your website, be sure to use only reputable companies and time-proven advertising mediums and marketing practices.

Advertise by using Pay-Per-Click advertising, writing and submitting articles, blogging, being an active member in online business forums, and good old-fashioned person-to-person communication.


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    Great post. I like how you explained everything in detail and then gave good suggestions at the end.

    Other than that just wanted to say that I love your blog. It's totally loaded with great info.

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  2. VERY useful. So glad I read this before actually spending my money for guaranteed traffic for my site. I was looking at a few of them but know now to avoid them for real.

    Thanks and nice blog!

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