July 17, 2006

Networking Bloggers are... well... Networking!

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MLM Today
Dave Stone Today

Gotta give a shout out to a very respectable member of the Network Marketing Industry, Dave Stone. Dave is the author of the MLM Today and Network Marketing Today blogs, and in my opinion, he's one of the more insightful individuals around when it comes to MLM and Network Marketing.

Dave was kind enough to mention me today on his Network Marketing Today blog, and I wanted to write about it here simply because of this insightfulness of his.

An Eagle-Eye for Details

See, what I've observed over time is this: Dave has an extremely sharp eye for details, trends and issues when it comes to Network Marketing and MLM. And this is portrayed most recently in the actual title of his post...

"Networking Bloggers are ...well.....networking." -Scroll down his page for the post.

A Growing Trend...

He's picked up on what I've also noticed to be a growing trend... Networking bloggers networking with each other... and networking more and more. This is definitely a good thing.

The most recent example of this is my invitation to be a regular contributor on Ty Tribble's well-known blog, The MLM Blog... as well as Dave's recent invitation to join a "team blog" that'll discuss MLM. Very, very cool.

Anyway, just wanted to give props where props are due. So again, thanks Dave. It's this type of stuff that invigorates, improves and brightens the Network Marketing Industry as a whole.

And that's pretty sweet!

What's Cool About Dave?

Well, here's what I like about his overall perspective and thought process. This is directly from his personal profile...

"I believe that Network Marketing is entering a renaissance. The days of promoting our business through hype and BS are fading. Instead, values such as honesty, integrity, dedication, and commitment are again the only real tools needed to build a successful business."

Dead on, my friend. Dead on.


  1. Aaron,
    I sincerly appreciate the kind words you offer here. You do me greater honor than I deserve. It means more to me than you know and I am at a lose for words.

    Thank you.


  2. You're more than welcome, Dave. IMHO, you deserve the accolades simply for the positivity and honesty you that promote on a daily basis.

    BTW, I posted it on mlmblog.net as well. ;)

    To your success!



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