July 14, 2006

Professional Inviter by Tim Sales

Professional Inviter
Say the Right Thing to Every Prospect

Tim Sales is well known for his MLMBrilliance website, which is home to the much-celebrated Brilliant Compensation® video. But Tim Sales has yet another killer product to help you. It's called Professional Inviter and it's unquestionably one of the best training tools on the market, bar none.

So how good is it? Well, instead of just posting a long, drawn-out description of all of its accolades and whatnot, here's what the well-known, master marketer John Milton Fogg (author of The Greatest Networker in the World) has to say about Professional Inviter...

"We featured Tim in the First Issue, October 2005, of The Network Marketing Magazine. All about Professional Inviter, plus a review of the product. And Tim made us a 12-minute tutorial audio clip of a prospecting call, just like in the Professional Inviter package. It is superb!

In my 20 years in this bus', I think Professional Inviter is one of the top five training products I have ever heard... ever! Brilliant (as in Compensation). I and we highly recommend it." - John Fogg


  1. Aaron,

    Thanks for the sidebar link.
    Tim has some great products and tools to help simplify the process and shorten the learning curve in Network Marketing. He has certainly helped me on my journey.


  2. You bet Dave! Yeah, Tim's stuff has undoubtedly helped countless people succeed. No question about it. His stuff rocks, plain and simple.

    And speaking of stuff that rocks, what about your blog? So much great and useful information. Love it!



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