August 3, 2007

Friday Night's Alright For Link Love!

So it's Friday. And what better way to celebrate the weekend than to give out a little well-deserved link love! So with no further ado, here are some wonderful bloggers who definitely deserve a mention and the attention...

Bush Mackel talks about the good, the bad and the ugly regarding his blog and how he's managed to triple his page views and unique visitors. So be sure to drop by and see if what's helped him might also be able to help your blog. And don't forget to wish him well for this month too!

Bobby Revell of Revellian shares his appreciation for the recent award he received. And in his usual, very caring way, he tells why Jean is the best. Bobby is truly a great guy, and there are few people in this world who are as sincere and appreciative as he is. So drop by his blog and say hello. You'll be glad you did.

Mike Wheeler of Ordinary Folk just just started something new on his blog. He's combining link love with a little Friday humor. It's a great way to introduce people to the many different comic artists on the web and tickle your funny bone at the same time! Sounds like a winner to me!

Brown Baron has a good warning post about a new type of malware that's been discovered. The W32.Deletemusic worm spreads via removable flash drives and deletes all of your MP3 files. So head on over to Brown's blog to find out more about it. Oh yeah, and be sure to backup your music files! Btw, thanks BB. That reminded me to run a virus scan. :)

Danielle of Pink Internet Marketing shares some good, useful tips for using AdSense Referrals 2.0, which has just recently come out of beta. So head on over to the land of pink and give Danielle a nice big hello. She's a great person and great blogger. Plus, she loves chocolate and garlic roasted mashed potatoes. Bonus!

Valentin of Five 4 All has a great video post about Romania, his home country. There are a lot of cool things most people don't know about Romania, and this neat video should change that. So give Valentin a visit. He deserves it. He goes out of his way to comment on peoples' blogs and interact with them, and he always has something clever to say. Not to mention, he's pretty darn funny!


  1. Thank you very much Aaron! I really appreciate the fact that you chose this post of mine as it is very important to me. So I say you are the one who shines:):):)

  2. You're more than welcome, Bobby! And thanks for such a wonderful compliment!

    In the words of Kahlil Gibran, "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."

    And you, my friend, are a true giver. You touch people in a way that few can or do. And that deserves all the recognition in the world. :)

    Shine on,

    PS: I'm pleased to know that I chose the post that is so dear to you. That, in itself, makes blogging worth it. :)

  3. I know you have a "money" blog. Yours is much different than any others I've seen. You are to money blogs kind of like Brown Baron is to tech review blogs. It's a mixed genre blog with reviews, tips and real posts about things you care about. I am morphing a little into making money but like you I want my readers to read a semi personal blog too. A new breed you are, and with time I think may provide much more interesting reading than most of the same old same old so many blogs offer. I'll be definetly supporting you for the long haul. Thanks Aaron:)

  4. You're very welcome Bobby. And thanks, it means a lot. :)

  5. Let`s become for a moment nostalgics ..

    I`ve "meet" you while a (censored) guy was attempting to make rumors around himself promoting a .. weird (to not say elseway) "code of conduct for bloggers". Do you remember ?

    That was a serious thing, and despite all you, me, others-alike imagine, he`s on route .. if not him, anotherone. So, we start our online friendship, you and me, from something serious.

    And now you say I`m funny ...

    I`m not funny.
    Yes, I am.
    NO, I`m not.
    YES, I am.
    God damned, I`m not !!!
    Holly tomato, yes, I am !

    Hmm .. you say I am, I say I am, only myself say I`m not. So, as in any democracy, majority win.
    I am. Or not.


    ps1 : Thank you
    ps2 : for
    ps3 : nominate me here.


    real ps :
    What is the difference between a white fairy tale and a bla.. ops .. african-american :-P fairy tale?

    The white fairy tale starts like this : "Once upon the time..."

    The african-american fairy tale starts like this : "Yo! motherfuckers you ain't gonna believe this shit.."

  6. LOL Valentin. And yes, I do remember when we met back in April over O'Reilly's blogger code of conduct nonsense. :) My how time passes!

    "Holly tomato, yes, I am !" <---Undeniable proof that you are funny. :) That had me in stitches!

  7. Thanks for the love, buddy!

    I'm not sure how well my Friday Funnies idea went, but I'll try it for a couple more weeks and see what happens ;P

  8. Any time Mike! And hopefully it will go very well. :)

  9. Now that's a great looking link love post. Would I still have called it great if I wasn't included? Let's not get into that haha. Thanks man.

    Bobby - That is probably the best compliment I've gotten. Thank you very much.

  10. Well, it certainly wouldn't be as great if you weren't included! :)

  11. Good look Aaron! Sorry it's taking me so long to find it but I've been all over the place with my net connection lately. Talk to you soon!

  12. Thanks Bush! Hope your Internet connection gets sorted out. I know how irritating it can be when it seems to have a mind of its own.

  13. Thanks Aaron! I just saw this now. :)
    I do love my mashed potatoes!

  14. Ha ha, you're welcome Danielle!

    I was just out in the kitchen making some coffee and thinking, "I should probably email Danielle; she's the only one who hasn't seen it yet." :P


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