August 7, 2007

Holy Yellow Amphibious Sports Cars, Batman!

Everyone once in a while there comes along a vehicle that receives endless "oohs" and "ahhs" from its onlookers. And the Hydra Spyder, made by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (C.A.M.I.), is definitely one of them!

With its 450-horsepower Corvette LS2 fuel-injected engine, and its 5-speed Tremec TKO high performance manual transmission, ain't no catfish gonna outrun outswim this puppy! I mean, Spyder!

Holy Hydro-speeding Land Cruisers, Batman!

Look at that Spyder go!

But if you want one of these bad boys, be prepared to shell out at least $155,000. That's the starting price. But it's probably well worth it since the Hydra Spyder comes with:

  • Berkley Marine Jet with power trim & steering package
  • Computerized air ride retractable 4-point front & rear suspension
  • Stainless steel Sidewinder exhaust system
  • Full engine instrumentation package
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • 265/70R 17" wheels
  • Convertible top
But Wait, My Tight-wearing Superheroes - There's More!

Now, you couldn't properly call yourself a "cool" amphibious vehicle manufacturer if you only made but one amphibious model, right? So how about something a little more spacious...something we can fit the whole family in, perhaps?

Enter, The Terra Wind RV

The Terra Wind RV motor coach is the world's very first luxury amphibious motor home. Yes, I kid ye not. This is a fully-loaded, floating, cruising, we-can-party-anywhere-biatch, RV!

Luxury Beyond Luxury

The Terra Wind RV is sure to fulfill your every desire while on the road...or water, for that matter. For example, it comes fully equipped with neat things like:

  • 8-Jet jacuzzi/tub
  • 42" plasma TV
  • 600-watt surround sound stereo
  • DVD, VHS and CD players
  • GPS Navigation System & Onboard computer
  • Marbled floors & shower
  • Leather furniture
  • Mirrored ceilings (no comment)
  • Granite counter tops
But Wait, That's Not All!

So you want something a little more, shall we say, YELLOW...and tour-like? Then how about the Hydra-Terra?

And no, this model isn't a joke, folks. Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines have agreed to sell amphibious tours on Hydra-Terras.

But much more importantly, they're also being used as search and rescue vehicles. They're completely U.S. Coastguard approved, and meet all regulations for passenger vessels, as well as those from the Department of Transportation.

Driver side and passenger side airbags? Yep, got 'em!

Very cool. Yet, I can still only think of one thing when I look at the Hydra-Terra in action. And that is...

Holy Rocketing Banana Torpedoes, Batman!

For more detailed information on these rad, amphibious vehicles, check out Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International. Their site has lots of great photos of these and other amphibious models.

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  2. Post dugged. Coolcars, I think I won`t refuse a "Terra Wind RV motor coach" on my birthday ...


  3. Monday Morning Power: If you're a friend of Bobby's you're a friend of mine!

    Valentin: Thanks buddy! And I won't refuse one either. That thing rocks!

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  4. JAWSOME post. That car is SICK!

  5. Thanks Bush! Yes, it is. I want one, I want one, I want one! :)

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  6. Bush is right Aaron. That was an awesome post!

  7. Thanks Tom! It's always nice to know when others appreciate posts that I put a lot of effort into.

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