October 7, 2007

Super Link Sunday - Batch #4

Super Link Sunday - Batch #4

Listen to the audio commentary!

Hello and welcome to the fourth edition of Super Link Sunday!

Super Link Sunday is where I take the time to give out some well-deserved link love by featuring some of the more noteworthy posts and blogs I came across during the week.

I certainly love doing it and it's lots of fun, too. So with no further ado, here are this week's noteworthy bloggers...

Super Link Sunday All-stars

Your Rage Doesn't Scare Me - I've been reading Erina Heart's blog recently and have found it to be quite enjoyable. I came across her blog on Mike's blog and am very glad I did. This post of hers is excellent, and definitely portrays her limitless talents as a writer.

So prepare yourself to be transfixed by her wordcraft, and the boundless imagery that nestles itself within.

Blogosphere-wide Funny Comments Awards - From one of my favorite bloggers, and one of the funniest guys out there, comes this awesome twist on link love. Got a funny comment? With any luck at all, Valentin (and his alien friend, 77/Aa-873#b3) will find it and use it in his next Blogoshpere-wide Funny Comments Awards post.

How To Make A PHP Widget - Ever wondered how you can make a widget for your blog that other bloggers can put on their blogs? Then just take a look at Mark's post on how to make a PHP widget for your blog. He covers the entire process from start to finish. Well done Mark!

Vaal Whispers - Our good friend Jess has finally returned home from her trip which took her from Cape Town to Johannesburg and back again. Welcome back Jesse! :)

She's got some pics up now, along with a quick breakdown of the whole adventure. So be sure to stop by and welcome her back.

Leave A Comment - Get Some Link Love!

That's right! As part of Super Link Sunday I give link love to every person who leaves a comment here on my blog. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

Here are this week's awesome commentators, ranked in order by the number of comments given:

Bobby (10), Mark (7), Mariuca (5), Valentin (5), Mike (4), Bush (3), Hernan (3), Mikael (3), Rod (2), Tish (2), Amanda (1), Andrew (1), Blogging Mix (1), iRonnie (1), Janice (1), Jesse (1), Stealth (1), Tim (1) no link, Tom (1)

*If you left a comment here this week and I didn't list you, please let me know!

The Link Love Wild Card

Last week I introduced the Link Love Wild Card. This is where I randomly pick a blog and "hand" out some link love. And since it's totally random it'll most likely be a blog I haven't come across before.

So let's deal the cards, shall we? This week's Link Love Wild Card is:

KSHIPPYCHIC - KSHIPPYCHIC is a blog by Rebecca Bridges. Rebecca is from Kansas - and according to her Blogger profile she's a, "Tye-Dyed Chicken Fried, Nascar Lovin, Bipolar Fruit!" Hey, she sounds pretty interesting already!

Rebecca also has two other blogs worth a look - A Purple Shade of Black and Rebecca Bridges Photography. Beautiful photos Rebecca! You've got a really nice portfolio going there.

The Link Love Loser Award!

Also new to Super Link Sunday last week was the Link Love Loser Award. This is an award I reserve specifically for bloggers whom I can't stand, really hate or totally despise - but only on Opposite Day. ;)

Lasts week's recipient was Bobby of Revellian. This week's Link Love Loser Award goes to:

Bush Mackel - Why Bush? First of all, because he had the gall to leave the following comment on my blog regarding last week's Link Love Loser Award: "Ha ha ha. Opposite day needs to make a comeback. Maybe I'll try that at work... Hope you had a good weekend Aaron!"

Shameful, simply shameful. How dare he agree with me about Opposite Day. And how dare he wish me a good weekend! I simply will not tolerate such brash, disrespectful behavior!

But the main reason Bush wins the LLL Award this week is because his blog is utterly pathetic and totally devoid of anything pertinent or useful - on Opposite Day. In fact, it's such a tedious and empty read that I strongly suggest you ignore it's existence entirely - on Opposite Day.

Trust me, this guy doesn't know his ass from third base. And with such misguided, amateurish posts like Cut the Fat (Part 3 - Shape Up Your Blogging) and When to Close Up Shop, his blog is obviously nothing but an empty vessel into which nothing good is poured - on Opposite Day.

But on every other day Bush's blog is fun, fun fun. So congrats Bush! You're a loser - on Opposite Day! :P

Anyway, thanks again everyone for reading...and for listening! You mean the world to me!


  1. thanks for putting me on your lovely super link sunday list. Much appreciated. I'm glad you found the post useful and hope a few of your readers do as well.


  2. You're quite welcome Mark. And I'm sure that many of them will. :)

    Shine on,

  3. Well, Aaron, how awesome of you to include me in this Super Link section ...I am thrilled that you found any of my posts exciting enough to include here! Hey, you know what this means, dont ya?? The next stop ....The sky above !

    You have really made my day sparkle with all your genuine kindness..
    Keep inspiring as you always do !

    Jesse ...

  4. Well hello Jesse! I'm so glad I could make your day sparkle. That definitely means a lot to me. :)

    And I'm glad that it means so much to you as well. Isn't that what link love is all about?! :)

    You're the best!

    Shine on,

  5. Holy COW!! What an awesome way to wake up on a Monday morning!! I crashed out last night and hadn't checked my bloggy - you totally rock! Thank you muchly for the groovy link love, you have a way cool thing going on here yourself! Linking ya, and mad clicking on your money buttons!! :)

  6. Lol. The "Link Love Loser" part cracked me up. I remember Opposite Day, too. When I was in grade school, a boy that I had a crush on told me he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. Then, while I was smiling from ear to ear, he screamed "It's Opposite Day!" He ran over the baseball fields laughing.

    I survived and was actually able to reject him ten years later. Lol.

    Thank you for including me in your Super Link Sunday! I appreciate it a lot.

  7. Great picks again! I do love Erina's blog and she is such a sweetheart!
    Jesse is also a sweetie too!!! Go ladies!

    You really have to watch out for that Bush Mackel character. He is nothing but trouble! Of course only on opposite day!

    Bush should run for president and redefine how the world perceives the name Bush.

    With the massive sales of razors, the "bush" is something we heterosexual guys can fondly reminisce about though!!!! LOL:)

  8. @KSHIPPYCHIC: You're quite welcome! Glad I could add some excitement to your Monday morning! :)

    @Erina: You're welcome Erina. And thanks for sharing that story. It's so awesome that he finally got what he deserved. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! :P

    @Bobby: Yeah, I'm not too sure about that Bush Mackel character either. I think we'll have to keep our eyes on him. I'm willing to bet he's nothing but trouble. ;)

  9. 77/Aa-873#b3 is drunk, there for I`ll have to have the speach instead :

    Holly striptease ! I made it ! I`m on the list of superlinks, hurrayyyyy !

    Well, I think this is what 77/Aa-873#b3 have said, is hard while he is so dizzy .. mixing alien and earthien words ..

    Gee, hold a minute, ... now I notice, Aaron, you have nominated me too WOW, thank pal !

  10. Yuck! Where's my barf bag! The nerve of that Bush fella. Who does he think he is wishing someone a "good weekend"? Them's fightin' words in my hometown.

    Maybe if he put just a little bit of effort into his blog he just might have someone other than his wife reading it. I could go on, but the vein in my forehead just sprung a leak and I have to go to the ER to patch it up. Now see what you made me do Bush? I hope you sleep well tonight while Dr. Wannabe tries to figure out how to work a band-aid and apply it to my forehead with one hand while taking my wallet with the other. Yes, sleep well "buddy".

    Ahh, that was therapeutic. I love Opposite Day. LOL :)

    Excellent post, Aaron!

  11. Hey Aaron, I think is a good idea the Audio Commentary, it`s great. Did you worked on Radio broadcasting before?

  12. @Valentin: LOL..."Holly striptease." I'm glad 77/Aa-873#b3 enjoyed it, even if he was a little dizzy. :)

    And you're welcome as well buddy. Now you both have something to celebrate and get dizzy about. :P

    @Mark: Thanks Mark! Your comment was hysterical!!! And I totally agree about that Bush fella. But lucky for me I saw ahead and had the veins in my forehead removed...I knew for sure there'd come a day when I crossed paths with some untalented blogger wannabe who's words would test their very strength. So in a quick procedure I had them all removed.

    So whilst my blood pressure may elevate, I don't have to worry about leaks anymore. :) Unfortunately, things aren't so easily fixed then it come to Bush and his blob...I mean, blog. Poor guy. And I feel sorry for his wife too...she actually has to read that crap! :P

    J/k Bush. You rock buddy!

    @Hernan: Hi Hernan! I'm really glad you like the audio. :) And no, I've never been on radio or anything before. I'm just flying this thing by the seat of my pants! :)

  13. BWAAAAAA HA HA! You and Mark should go in together writing Link Love Loser posts. You had me laughing as I read the post, laughing harder when I heard the audio and Mark had me smiling too!


    Talk to you kids soon!

  14. @Bush: Ha ha, so glad you enjoyed it! :) You're just lucky I didn't call for a Blogging Intervention where we all show up at your house to try to talk you into getting the help that you so desperately need. :P

    Anyway, I'm glad you got a kick out of it. And I'm also glad to know you as a blogger, my friend. You're the best!

    Shine on,

  15. Thanks so much for the post on making the PHP widget. I was searching for this last night, and thanks to you have the instructions from Mark's site.
    You have a great site here. I found it while checking out Erina Hart's other "thoughtful blogger award" recipients. Congrats to you!

  16. @WildCatsThree: You're quite welcome Chris! I'm glad you were able to find it useful. :)

    And thanks for the compliment...and the reminder...I need to go over there and give Erina a BIG thank you for the award. :)

    Shine on,

  17. You had your forehead veins removed? Geesh, guy - first you had a web-jack installed in your head, and you had the foresight to remove your veins to avoid those embarrassing stains? You...are...good!

    @Bush: you're a good sport. :) Trust me when I say that I enjoy your blob...I mean, BLOG...did I write that out loud? Hehe...silly me. Oh my, it's getting late. Gotta go! :P

  18. @Mark: LOL. I guess years of experience and countless missteps have taught me well. But I still have a ways to go. I mean, most of the household appliances still lack direct connections to my brain bank and that's just plain unacceptable.! :P

    Good one! ---> "Did I write that out loud?" I just about snorted my coffee. ;)

  19. Thanks for the link, Aaron. And great choice for your LLL award! ;)

  20. You're very welcome Tish! :) And yeah, it looks like everyone (especially Bush) got a big "kick" out of his being chosen for the award. I definitely had a lot of fun with it. :)

    Shine on,

  21. These Super Link Love posts are gold Aaron...GOLD!

    The Oscar

  22. Thanks a million Oscar!!! It means so much to me that you think so! :)

    Shine on,


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