March 2, 2007

AGLOCO Early March Update...

Here are a few updates from the AGLOCO company blog, courtesy of Brian Greenwald of the AGLOCO Development Team:

Website Changes: As some of you have noted, the AGLOCO website has made a few changes this week based on Member suggestions.

For instance, on each Member’s referral signup page, the “Blogs Around the World” have been eliminated to reduce the possibility that a referral might be lost to an external site. Clicking on each language in “Blogs Around the World” now brings you to the relevant section of the Member blog page, instead of to a single pre-determined blog in that language.

Additional changes are being considered as well, and I will keep you posted on those changes as they occur.

Communication: One recurring request is ‘better network communication between Members’. I have commented more than once that AGLOCO will add many forms of communication between Members (including an opt-in approach for Members to reach people in their referral networks that they may not know). This website feature will not be worked on until after the Viewbar software release.

Viewbar release: A few weeks ago, I said on this blog, “The Viewbar is currently slated for a March release”, and March 1st is now upon us (a couple of you were optimistic and hoped for a release on the first of the month). I know that the Viewbar will not be released in the first half of March. Our tech lead flew to Shanghai this morning to work directly with our six engineers there. I’ll give you more of an update when I hear back from him.

Thanks Brian. Keep up the great work!

AGLOCO Simplified...

  • Get the Viewbar™ (slated for March release).
  • Surf the web just like you always have.
  • Companies pay AGLOCO for advertising.
  • AGLOCO pays YOU for surfing.
  • Earn money for those you refer - down to 5 levels.

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