March 21, 2007

AGLOCO Development Team - Week 2

In continuation of my weekly AGLOCO Development Team series, here's a look at some more special AGLOCO Team Members who have been working extra hard to ensure that AGLOCO is a success.

Thanks AGLOCO Team...

In alphabetical order by first name, I'd like to give a great, big thanks to the following AGLOCO Development Team Members...

Cannon Bonar - Cannon is AGLOCO's ambassador within the teen community. He's currently a student at Central Middle School and will represent AGLOCO's important teenage Member base.

Dan Jorgensen - Dan is AGLOCO's Member recruiting coordinator. Prior to helping AGLOCO create its network, Dan worked in sports marketing and online advertising.

Javier Alvira - Javier is AGLOCO's in-house blog expert. Javier is a native of Spain and worked as an engineer in telecommunications in Europe before joining Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Jim Jorgensen - Jim is the founder of AllAdvantage and Discovery Zone. His experience of paying out over $100 million to members in 1999 and pioneering the “returning value to Internet users” concept, has definitely been an invaluable source of guidance to the members of the AGLOCO's Development Team.

Thanks again to the AGLOCO Team. Keep on rockin'!


  1. Cool idea. I think it's good to show people you appreciate their work. It's not an easy task to start up a global company and I think the Agloco people are doing wonderfully.

    Also I'd like to say that you inspired me to finally start my own blog. I've enjoyed reading yours over the weeks and see how having one can really be a huge benefit to my businesses. So thanks!


  2. Excellent to hear Malcolm! And my apologies, I somehow missed your comment until just now!

    Shine on,


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