March 25, 2007

Unicellular Prokaryotic Microorganisms...Attack!

Well, I must say that I'm happy to be back among the living! I haven't posted here in a few days due to an apparent case of food poisoning. Yep, it seems that some sort of bacteria had viciously decided to declare a most unjust and nasty, little war upon my digestive system late Thursday evening.

Unicellular prokaryotic microorganisms...attack!!!

It wasn't a pretty sight. But after deploying a massive defense strategy against the microscopic punks, I was able to return to normal by Saturday. Of course, I didn't really feel like blogging, so I just answered comments and emails and relaxed, making my way through the entire 7th season of Seinfeld.

No soup for you! Come back, one year!

So anyway, that's that. Just glad to be back to normal. If there is such a thing. And for those who know me personally, you know there isn't! :P



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  3. Carlos,

    Thanks for visiting. Do know that leaving an actual comment here on the HBT Blog is definitely much more beneficial to you than just leaving your blog's URL could ever be.

    All those who read this blog will simply see such a comment (or lack thereof) as nothing more than comment spam. Not good.

    However, if you actually take the time here to share a real thought or two, it can definitely make a world of difference for you.

    As I like to say...The Internet's got enough strangers. Take the time to be a friend instead!

    Shine on,

  4. Wow, so glad to hear you'r better now. I had food poisining once myself and can certainly say that it's no picnic at all. In fact, it's absolutely dreadful!



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