March 27, 2007

AGLOCO Development Team - Week 3

In continuation of my weekly AGLOCO Development Team series, here's a look at some more special AGLOCO Team Members who've been working very hard to make sure AGLOCO is a success.

Thanks AGLOCO Team...

In alphabetical order by first name, I'd like to give a great big thanks to the following AGLOCO Development Team Members...

Moshe Pinto - Moshe is AGLOCO's resident attorney. Moshe negotiates and executes contracts. Prior to joining Stanford's Graduate School of Business, he worked as a corporate attorney and political strategist in both Israel and the United States.

Nick Punt - Nick advises AGLOCO on its technological and community development. Prior to attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business he worked as a video game designer and product manager of an online community.

Ray Everett-Church - Ray was the world's very first corporate Chief Privacy Officer. He also pioneered the field of corporate privacy professionals. As an attorney and technology expert he is responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of AGLOCO's Member information, as well as providing guidance on privacy and anti-spam issues. You can read more about Ray Everett-Church and his accomplishments in this AGLOCO post.

Sam Flax - Sam is AGLOCO's Chief Architect for the design of the AGLOCO economic network. With Sam's 20 years of experience in the United Stated and his 30 years of experience in Russia, he gives AGLOCO a unique perspective on managing and implementing the AGLOCO database.

Thanks again. Keep up the great work!

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