March 21, 2007

Latest AGLOCO Viewbar Update...

One of the common questions these days is, "When can I download the AGLOCO Viewbar?" Well, here's an update regarding the AGLOCO Viewbar's much-anticipated release...

According to the AGLOCO engineers, the Viewbar is currently scheduled for release anywhere between April 2nd and April 16th, which is only between 12 and 26 days away!

I'll of course keep you updated here by the minute as things progress. And Brian Greenwald will make sure that the entire AGLOCO Member base remains fully updated via the Official AGLOCO blog. In other words, he'll keep you posted with the freshest of the fresh!


  1. Aaron,
    we shall see when it launches?Many people are eagerly awaiting it. I just hope it works without too many problems.

    Andrew Murphy

  2. Hey Andrew.

    Yeah, I hope it does well too. So far things look really good. They seem to have all the kinks worked out that were issues back in the days of AllAdvantage. Plus, the web has really changed for the better since then. With Web 2.0 being what it is AGLOCO should fit like a glove. I'm excited for this one most definitely.

    Thanks for stopping by again. BTW, your new blog looks like it's coming along nicely. :) The UPS video was interesting. I think the major passenger airlines could definitely learn a lesson or two from them.

    Shine on,

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    I am just about to add your link to my blog under my main blogroll, let me know if you are willing to link back to me.

    Thank You.


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