March 17, 2007

The Power Of Viral Videos - Part 2

A study released by the Online Publishers Association concluded that watching video content online has become quite routine for people. And with video sharing websites like YouTube, MetaCafe and Revver, to name a few, there's no doubt about that.

According to MarketingExperiments.Com (MEC), "Viral marketing is now one of the most powerful ways to market online. This is what the Internet was designed for, multimedia as mainstream. This has come about primarily because of the adoption of broadband."

But the question still remains: Can you as a marketer really capitalize from it? You bet. Take Blaupunkt, for example. Their little viral video for the Blaupunkt Bremen MP74 is still paying off big time. And it'll continue to pay off so long as the video remains online somewhere...anywhere. Which of course, it will.

The fact is, viral videos can definitely drive a rather significant amount of "targeted" traffic to your blog or website. For example, MEC conducted a 60-day experiment back in November with just one question in mind: Can viral video clips drive targeted traffic to your website? Well, let's see...

The medium: Online video
The goal: Drive traffic and acquire newsletter subscribers

60-Day Totals

Video views - 324,190
Click-throughs - 4,162
Click-through ratio - 1.28%
Conversion to subscribers - 1.49%
Brand new subscribers - 4,800+

So in this case, even though the video clips had no promotional messages or sales content whatsoever, 1.49% of the viewers actually became newsletter subscribers.

Overall Results...

In just 60 days the videos were viewed more than 324,000 times, and they gained more than 4,800 brand new newsletter subscribers - all at no cost to them. As you can see, viral videos are definitely kickin' it.


  1. Good post. I like your blog and added it to my link list.


  2. Thanks Max, I appreciate it. BTW, what's your site URL? You forgot to include it with your comment.

  3. I do not know much about viral videos, but I DO KNOW that "moses supposes his toeses are roses."

    Mother of the Spawn

  4. LOL, good Mother of the Spawn.

    And might I add...

    But Moses supposes erroneously,
    For Moses, he knowses his toses aren't roses,
    As Moses supposes his toses to be.

    And remember, Big Daddy says 'crap' when he's disgusted! :P


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