January 27, 2006

Guaranteed Top 10 Exposure on 150+ Search Engines???

Guaranteed Top 10 Exposure on 150+ Search Engines...
Real? Or Just a Wiener of a Deal?

OK, so here it is...A few months ago ExactSeek.com began running a major ad campaign for their, "No Bidding, No PPC, No Hassle" advertising service.

The service promises to, well, guarantee that your ad is in the top 10 of all featured listings -And you get all of this for one flat fee starting at just $12 per listing!

Hmmm. Is this a good advertising avenue to try out for your home based business? ...Or is it just a wiener of a deal?

Well, let's just find out...

In order to help you save your hard-earned money, as well as help you avoid any potential advertising headaches, I tested it out myself. And after all was said and done, my opinion of this one is...

It's a total wiener!

Now as people know, I certainly know my way around online advertising - but this one was simply one of the worst ad service I've ever used. It was so bad that I'd rather just take my $12 and burn it. Well maybe not, but you get the idea.

Basically, for 3 whole months of TOP exposure, my very best ExactSeek ad received only around 250 impressions and 60 actual clicks. Absolutely pitiful.

Now, you must of course know that my "search terms" were terms that are searched for over 40,000 times per month in the search engine - not just some obscure thinga-ma-bobs.

And since I always pull major hits and clicks elsewhere from the very same ads that I ran on ExactSeek, it undoubtedly proves that it wasn't the ads that were the problem.

So if you were thinking about trying out the ExactSeek advertising service for your home based business, I strongly advise against it. In my opinion, it's not worth a penny.

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