January 24, 2006

Great Marketing Headlines and Opening Sentences...

Here are 4 great headlines and opening sentences you can use to immediately get your prospect's attention.

From Tom "Big Al" Schreiter's newsletter...

Four great headlines and opening sentences.

1. "My part-time business pays more than my regular job!"
2. "Give your car a rest -- work from home."
3. "Lose weight and never miss another meal."
4. "Guess what my boss said when I told him, 'I quit.'"

In marketing, your first sentence or headline is everything. You have to grab your prospects' attention. If you don't capture their interest immediately, you'll most likely lose those prospects!
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Here's to your home based business success! :)


  1. Awesome thanks. Btw, I found you on Google when I search for Great Marketing Headlines.

    Yours was #1 result. Wanted to tell you in case it's important.

  2. Thanks, I definitely appreciate that! :)

    Shine on,


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