January 6, 2006

Guaranteed Ways to Convert Leads Into Distributors and Customers...

One thing that every marketer and home business owner wonders about is how you convert leads into distributors and/or customers.

Well, here's a simple one for you - so simple that it'll knock your socks off. And in the process, it'll help you convert your leads like nothing else has ever done before.

What To Do

Send three (3) separate prospecting letters and one (1) small, inexpensive gift to your prospect BEFORE you even make the first telephone contact with him or her.

By doing this you've done two VERY important things:

  • You've set yourself apart from the countless other marketers trying to gain their attention at the same time you are.
  • You've shown them that you're willing to invest a lot of time into the growth of their business and in helping them succeed.

These are crucial! One of the main reasons people join your business is because they trust that you will help them - help get them on the "fast-track" to success.

Beyond that, you've also shown that you are:

  • Serious about your business and its success
  • A very reliable business partner
  • Committed to success (both theirs and yours)
  • Different from all the other "so-called" marketers

Basically, you've set yourself apart from all the other nonsense that your prospects come in contact with day in and day out. And so, you've greatly improved your chances of landing new distributors and customers. And this gives you an edge that your competitors do not have!

Important Prospecting Tips

Here are some of the most important prospecting advice I can give you:

1. Take your time with your prospects.
2. Be sure to properly qualify your prospects.
3. Spend the extra time needed with your prospects.
4. Be very personable. This is a relationship business, and good relationships will surely grow your business to great levels.

If you complete these steps, you'll certainly be successful in your home business - or in any business, for that mater.

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