January 6, 2006

Think Global - Work Local...

Here's a good thing to keep in mind when marketing your business and using leads. It's from Big Al's newsletter...

Think global - work local.

Barb Pitcock told me her strategy for people who work leads. She advises distributors to get leads that are local. Many lead companies and providers of Internet leads can sort their leads by area.

If the leads are local, it is easier to telephone them and build a relationship. Why try to fly 1,000 miles to meet good leads when you can meet them locally over a cup of coffee?

And speaking of Internet leads, I once heard an Internet guru say that the first thing you should do with an Internet lead is to get them off the Internet. Contact them by telephone or mail to distinguish yourself from all the e-mails they get daily."

And take if from me, this works! MLM IS a relationship business, no two ways about it. And the best way to start actually building your business relationships is to actually begin talking with your leads.

This immediately does two things:

1. It sets you apart from the one million other marketers who are constantly sending them emails about their own home businesses.


2. It gives you a chance to show your prospects that you truly want to help them improve their financial lives, which allows you to begin forming that "relationship" that can lead to a new and excited prospect for you!

Basically, this all gives your prospect the chance to get to know you better and to learn that he or she can trust you to help them earn money from home.

So while you can certainly build a very successful home business with leads that are from all over the world, local leads certainly have some perks to them! So just remember, "Think global - work local!"

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