January 3, 2006

What's On the Minds of Consumers for 2006?

In case you want to know a little about what's on the minds of consumers for 2006 (as any marketer should), here are the results of a worldwide poll taken by AOL.

I find these results to be very useful as they can definitely help you figure out where to focus more of your marketing efforts this year - which could definitely make you more money.

Poll Question:

What is your New Year's resolution for 2006?

  • Get in shape
  • Quit smoking
  • Find a new job
  • Save money
  • None of the above

Poll Results:

  • Get in shape - 44%
  • None of the above - 27%
  • Save money - 14%
  • Find a new job - 8%
  • Quit smoking - 7%
The vast majority of people (nearly half) obviously want to get in better shape than they're in now. So if you market and sell anything dealing with health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, etc., you have a rather large market of people wanting improve their lives and health.

So what do you do?

Get out there and show people what you have to offer! Make contacts, find prospects, show people how you can help them. With a market like this there's no reason you can't make 2006 your most successful year ever. So get crackin'!

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