January 11, 2006

Is Gold Calling Really the Best MLM Recruiting Tool?!?

There's been a lot of talk these days about an online autodialer system called Gold Calling. Supposedly, it dials as many prospects as you want, gives them a Voicemail overview of your business, and directs them to your online movie, product, lead capture page or website.

According to those promoting it, it's an online autodialer system that will get you signups without your having to lift very many fingers!

Hmmm, sound too good to be true? Or worse, could it land you in some huge legal situations due to the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry regulations?

Well, that's certainly very possible. Here's an excerpt from the discussion taking place on one of the home business forums regarding it all...

Sounds good...at first glance. But be very careful about whether or not you decide to use it for your home business. Look past the hype and excitement and make a practical evaluation on what makes business sense...to YOU.

Simply put, a tool is a tool is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't matter if it's an MLM leads source, an article blaster, or an online autodialer system like Gold Calling. Any success in applying it in your business efforts is ultimately only as good as your skill in using it...and the tool's ability to deliver on its basic promise.

For example, using an MLM lead source is only as good as your ability to contact, engage, qualify, follow-up, and close those leads you receive. Period.

Another example...an article blaster is only as good as your ability to write quality articles, as well as the quality of the article directories the articles you've sweat over are submitted to. Then...publishers need to see the value of actually publishing those articles you've written.

An online autodialer like Gold Calling is no different. There are many practical considerations to understand and be able to adequately deal with before making any decision on whether or not to use it.

One aspect I want to point out is to be sure that you are comfortable with the aspect of "scrubbing the call list against the DNC list". Just 1 mistake doing this can cost you dearly. The fine for a single DNC complaint is not cheap.


This has become a HOT topic on several mlm forums recently. I, myself, haven't bought GoldCalling, so let me be 100% upfront and say that I have no experience with it.

But let me point out something that most GoldCalling reps do not...When you hear about some lady (usually Pam B.) who is blasting out 2,000 messages a day and getting 40 callbacks (which sounds impressive) you have to understand that such marketing results are due solely to the quality of her outgoing message, NOT the GoldCalling system itself.

In other words, as a delivery system, GoldCalling will only do its job if it:

  • Adequately delivers messages
  • Makes and keeps a good connection while delivering the messages
  • Accurately scrubs the call list against the DNC list and the city/states where autodialing is illegal
  • Bills you correctly for the number of successful calls

And that's it. But NO ONE can guarantee that you'll get any calls back because your outgoing message is up to you. If you load a crappy message, you'll get crappy results, no matter how great the system is.

Just something to keep in mind.

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